Unfathomable Goodness

“According to greek mythology, humans were originally created with 4 arms, 4 legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.”
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Omg didnt gabriel say that in xena to iolaus?!?!? I just saw that episode bwahahahaha omg I need to sleep and stop watching netflix.

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"Because you watched American Horror Story"


Ok I mean I like both but what is this secret netflix formula that gets me?

Munch munch snack snack

I woke up with a craving for those ranch munchie chips so I drove across town for some lol….Hey I passed by a taco bell and didn’t buy anything so…progress.

Also I have a job interview wednesday I hope I get the job so I can make money and move out and decorate my own room!!



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I really need to bathe o.O but I am too comfortable in my blankets…but I feel icky….but comfyyyyyy….

Do you ever just stop yourself from feeling because you think it might just lead to another flare? Or a downward spiral?

I think I’ve been doing that lately and now I just feel so numb to everything, I won’t even let myself cry. This probably isn’t healthy either but I know that I can just feel sad for days if I let myself. So instead I just…turn everything off.

I was doing pretty alright but its the little things people say that can hurt my feelings so much. I’m not made of stone okay I need attention and acts of kindness too sometimes.

People make me feel like crap for asking to hang out with them. I just wish someone could make a little bit of time for me and not make me feel like an asshole.


talking to person u like alot and u feel like ur annoying them


This is more like me talking to anyone

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father why

everyoen on this fukcing drugs is on website 


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Happy easter may you enjoy a creme egg….and if you dont like those then maybe some chocolate :3

Happy easter may you enjoy a creme egg….and if you dont like those then maybe some chocolate :3


what it means to be hispanic


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Lol I know the feeling

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I’m pretttyyy sure I’m supposed to be doing something right now…

But I can’t remember ^_^. Today’s going to be super duper busy! But…not in like a fun way…Its super cleaning day. I need to wash clothes..blankets…THE CATS. 

My cats got fleas and since I have carpet they just spread like wildfire so I don’t even know how this happened. So I have to clean up the kitties, put the flea powder in the room, vacuum…and repeat :(

And then MAYBE the fleas will be gone…otherwise I’ll have to do the same tomorrow. 

I still haven’t been called for any job interviews..I feel so sad..I want to work!! I need my own money and I want to get my own place again. I’ve always been that way I guess..not satisfied unless I’m the one providing everything for myself. 

I have this thing where I just can’t let people take care of me. I’d rather be the one taking care of someone…does that make sense? Even though sometimes I do need someone there with me…

ALSO, I think my water retention is going down now that I’ve decreased my medication dosage…slighty though! But hey that’s something!! Maybe my moon face will go away soon and all my sasquatch fur although I do not mind it keeps me warm ;D

Mystery of the phantom followers

My tumblr follower count has gone up and yet I dont see anyone new o.O

What is going on here?